One Pot Pledge

One Pot Pledge

Make the One Pot Pledge and give growing your own a go.  Free advice on their website. There are also ideas on what makes a good pot, downloadable growing advice and tips on each plant, as well as discounts and offers on seeds, compost and containers.

A nationwide campaign launched by Garden Organic  targets a growing band of people that want to have a go at growing their own food for the first time. The campaign, the One Pot Pledge, aims to help gardening newcomers to grow an edible crop by using simple steps and clear advice to encourage and enthuse them.

Through the campaign Garden Organic will encourage 30,000 people to make the One Pot Pledge and sow, grow and harvest their own food for the very first time in 2010.

Growing food, even on a small scale in just a pot, gives people the chance to connect with the food they eat.  As well as saving money and encouraging healthier eating, growing fruit and vegetables also helps people to make more sustainable food choices.

Despite the surge in interest in ‘grow your own’ many newcomers, although keen to have a go, still don’t know where to start when it comes to food growing. Many are put off because they think they don’t have space to garden, or because they don’t have the time or knowledge. By encouraging people to start small with just one pot, the One Pot Pledge campaign aims to combat this, promising to make growing easy and successful.

Gardening Guru and BBC Gardeners’ World presenter Alys Fowler says, “Eating food that you’ve grown yourself is one of life’s great pleasures and one that everyone should have the chance to enjoy.  With the One Pot Pledge campaign we want to inspire and support people to try something new and experience the joy of growing their own food from seed to harvest.”

According to Garden Organic, research last year showed that 26%* of the UK had grown its own. The charity says that if every one of those people encouraged just one person to also give it a go then there would be over 6 million new gardeners experiencing the joy of sowing, growing and eating their own produce in 2010.

To pledge to be part of the campaign you can sign up at from Monday 22 March 2010.  After making the pledge, you will be invited to pick a favourite from the suggested easy to grow varieties, follow the growing instructions and tips, check progress from regular email updates, and look forward to harvest time.

None of the crops featured are difficult to grow and include potatoes, salads, french beans and chillis. More experienced gardeners signing up to the pledge will be encouraged to have a go at growing something new, that they have not tried before.

As well as providing simple and clear guidance, Garden Organic also wants experienced gardeners to join the campaign as ‘Gardening Gurus’. It hopes that gurus will encourage and support those with less experience to make their first attempt at food growing a success.

Bob Sherman, Head of Horticulture at Garden Organic says, “Garden Organic’s work is all about passing on knowledge and providing encouragement. We hope that experienced gardeners will also join the campaign and along with a non-gardening friend, colleague or family member, make the pledge together. “

“One of the best incentives for a beginner is having a friendly face to turn to for help and advice and as gardeners we tend to love sharing our passion and knowledge.  We want the nation’s gardeners to join us and share their love of growing delicious, sustainable food to get thousands more people growing their own.”

To join the campaign, go to The One Pot Pledge website,, which features everything from Garden Organic’s suggested list of perfect pot produce, to guidance on what size pot a new grower will need.  There are also ideas on what makes a good pot, downloadable growing advice and tips on each plant, as well as discounts and offers on seeds, compost and containers.