Free Water Widget Offer

Free Water Widget Offer

Help save the planet from the comfort of your shower.  

You too could reduce your carbon footprint and save £100 on your household bills with littlefoots’ FREE Water Widget. It’s a great little water saving device that fits quickly and easily to your shower, dramatically reducing the amount of energy and water you use.

  • Spend lessup to £100 on your household bills
  • Use less – the average household could save over 38,000 litres of water a year, that’s enough drinking water for someone for 50 years
  • Do more – fit both devices quickly and easily and start to reduce your carbon footprint

For every widget ordered £1 will be donated to Lincolnshire Community Foundation. Being a Superhero has never been so easy click here or visit to get your FREE Water Widget today

Lincolnshire Community Foundation and The littlefoot team