Horncastle – a Key Place for Local Food Initiative

When looking for a town to host a meeting about local food enterprise, project manager at the ELDC, Jonathan Burgess, chose Horncastle. One reason he quoted, is that Horncastle has formed a Transition Town group.

With the price of oil set to rise from now on, local councils are looking to find ways of reducing reliance on fuel and at the same time helping to reach their target for reduction of carbon emissions. This ties in perfectly with the aims of the Transition Town movement.

On Monday 21st September a meeting was held at the Admiral Rodney Hotel where Nick Weir (www.localfood.org.uk) from Stroud outlined a strategy that has been developed in his area that helps put local growers and producers in touch with consumers. Every week, people order what they require. The producers drop it off at a local school where is sorted and later collected by the clients. Prices are set at more that wholesale but less than retail. Consumers receive local, fresh produce – often supporting producers they know personally, without the earth paying the price of aviation fuel from the other side of the world.

There was lively discussion at the meeting, which was attended by around 20 people, 5 of them producers, including fruit and vegetable growers, a dairy farmer and a cider maker. The conclusion reached is that wider discussion is needed.

Please send us your views on this. If interested in Transition Town Horncastle, have a look at the information on this website or ring Laura on 525802.