Land share for Horncastle gardeners

Land share for Horncastle gardeners

Vegetable gardening is Fashionable! Whether this is due to Credit Crunch, people wanting to know where their food comes from or simply the earthy satisfaction of eating one’s own produce, there is an international trend towards growing ones own. In Russia 53% of the national diet comes from private gardens.

In Horncastle the number of people on the allotments waiting list has now topped 30. Sandra Wardman (left, with Alison Bell of Transition Town Horncastle) and her team have been making enquiries to institutions and land owners with regard to releasing more available space, so far without results.

Gemma Levi, Health Network Co-ordinator for the ELDC strongly encourages this trend. “It makes sense because, as well as eating fresh produce, people are getting healthy outdoor exercise”. She is also promoting a land-share scheme in Horncastle whereby people who have extra garden space can arrange for it to be worked by gardeners who want more land. The produce is shared between owner and worker.

This is a scheme overseen by the Allotments Association but often happens naturally. Christine and Dennis Brackenbury of Accommodation Road have doubled their space, complete with greenhouse by helping out their neighbour, Branwen Pierce. This arrangement with shared produce has worked well and is recommended by both parties. “It is amazing how much can be grown in a small space” says Christine.

Growing locally helps to make a community self sufficient and cut down on transportation costs. If you possess space that you would like gardened contact Gemma Levi 01507 601111 for more details.