Latest News on Green Streets. We are the Winners!

Latest News on Green Streets.  We are the Winners!
Our Winning Team

Our Winning Team

On Monday night Jenny, Claire and Jennifer went to Norwich to present our project to a panel of Green Streets experts and we are ecstatic to have been selected for the Green Streets project. We’re going to be able to educate children and families and extend into the wider community to show how to improve energy use and save costs.  This is a marvellous first step as a Transition Town project and will help us get our message across more powerfully. We will be able to install energy saving and renewable energy technologies on four early years community buildings, The groups which could benefit include Horncastle Community Playgroup, Methodist Church Tiny Tots, Sure Start Children’s Centre, Woodlands Nursery, War Memorial Centre and Wellies Nursery. Also included are 32 Horncastle households. The strength of this is that it is not just the under fives who will benefit as most of the buildings are used by at least 1,300 other people.  We also intend to engage the wider community by providing them with energy saving guidance and advice and to start to build awareness of energy saving measures in young children.

Jenny, Claire, and Jennifer impressed the judges with the depth of their community engagement. The project had to pitch against two other projects from the East of England in front of a selection panel made up experts from the Centre for Alternative Technology, British Gas and the Institute for Public Policy Research.  Gearoid Lane, Director of communities and new energy at British Gas, who sat on the judging panel, said “Green Streets is all about tapping into the existing grassroots passion for learning how to save and generate energy in the community. We chose the Transition Town Horncastle – Green Babies and Toddlers project because of their sheer level of dynamism and desire to improve the lives of the people of Horncastle.”

Transition Town Horncastle – Green Babies and Toddlers will be one of 14 projects from across the UK who will all receive a share of the £2 million funding pot. Next year, the projects will go head-to-head in a number of challenges to reduce energy use, generate local energy and increase support amongst members of their own community. Our progress will be monitored for a year by the independent Institute of Public Policy Research think-tank and the project chosen as Britain’s greenest community after a year stands to win a further £100,000 in funding from British Gas.

Details of the plans are due to be finalised within the next couple of weeks.  British Gas will organise,  pay for and administer all the installations, saving us all the hard work, and we will all benefit from the final results.


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