Our Permaculture Working Group 2011

Our Permaculture Working Group 2011

This year we have met once a month with Deano who has been teaching us the design principles of a permaculture plot.  At our first meeting in February we decided on our name HAPI (Horncastle Area Permaculture Initiative).   We decided to use Charlotte and Bill’s plot as our design project as it is a plot that has not been used for many years so will need starting from scratch. This has worked out very well and Charlotte has got a design now for her plot.  It was hard work and sometimes very muddy!

We also agreed to meet again each month to help each other on our land. Having a few people round to help with heavy projects has been very helpful for those of us who have had a workday at their place.

We have also started having “lessons” in woodwork with Eddie who has a woodworking   business.  In June he taught us the basics of carpentry, hammering, sawing etc.  Next month we are going to learn how to make the edges for deep beds.

Deano has his own blog: http://deanom.wordpress.com/2011/06/24/vegetable-growing-update-and-polyculture-details/ There is more information about visits on the Permaculture Association website: http://www.permaculture.org.uk/wolds-woodland-farming-project.  On Saturday 2 July an extended group of local people are visiting Deano’s place.  As Patrick Whitfield (National Permaculture Guru) says; “Deano’s place is on the Permaculture Association’s LAND network of permaculture sites open to the public. It’s well worth a visit, especially for his innovative multi-puropse tree plantings and use of swales.” After the tour we will be once again sampling pizza’s freshly cooked on his woodburning clay oven (delicious).

Deano teaching

I'll say it again ... slowly ..

Designing Charlotte's Plot

The layout

A workday in February