Prospective new Eco House in Horncastle

Prospective new Eco House in Horncastle

We have a family in Horncastle who are hoping to build an Eco House, have a look at their website and please support them with their planning application.

Is it possible to build a house that requires no central heating, minimises its water consumption by harvesting the rain and recycling the bathwater, generates its own electricity and looks amazing, yet costs no more than the average family semi?

 We are an ordinary family who passionately believe this is possible and are striving for the opportunity to prove it!

We have an area of land at the back of our house which lies off Bargate Lane in the Conservation Area and are in the process of submitting a planning application to build an eco house for us to live in.  We think the Conservation Area is a really fitting place for such a building as, although it is important that we care about the past and protect our heritage, it is vital that we create a new architectural heritage that protects the future. 

We want to consult with the community, letting people know about our plans and giving them the opportunity to tell us what they think.  We have set up a website to chart our journey along through the process and hope our project might generate wider debate about the sort of new houses we should be building in the 21st century.  Website: