The Recipe Book

The Recipe Book

‘’How can we make ourselves and our communities,

our towns and villages greener, more ecologically aware?

Hi I am Pauline or sometimes Polly (..Bell)…and I am part of the Transition Town Horncastle group. I am assembling a cookbook for the Skills-sharing Day in Horncastle on October 2nd.

I would very much like to  include your Favourite Vegan or Vegetarian recipe.  In return for including your recipe, I would like to also include an idea from you on how we as a community can positively pull together in the face of Global Warming and Peak Oil.

Email to me with your recipe and your suggestion for an ecological/or community venture, your photo, poem, story…idea to me at… or post your recipe on the blog below.

and if you wish to contact me in any other way please get in touch by phone on 01507 527156

or by post at

The Thatched House, High Toynton, Horncastle, Lincs, LN9 6NN

I need your entries before the 16th September in order to include them in the book…

BUT DO KEEP HANDING THEM IN after this as I want this Cookbook to be ongoing.

An example of one person’s IDEA

”One friend has suggested that in a village community like his own there could be an initiative whereby there is a sort of machine and implement share…Ride on mowers,  tractors and trailers…this is already happening in some places…but the idea is to whip up enthusiasm and energy for such a scheme in other places by including it in this recipe book”.

Another Website which is putting feelers out for your ideas for this Cookbook with a difference is The sustainable Living Website. You might like to look at this…and also visit. Here is a link to its Cookbook blog