Living in Harmony Thursday 5 August

Living in Harmony Thursday 5 August

05 Aug 2010 • Report on the High Toynton Workshop by Gill Coombs

05 Aug 2010 high-toynton group 05 Aug 2010 high-toynton sky

I arrived at High Toynton in high spirits, having travelled from Biff and Jean’s by Dutch bike, bus and foot along the Viking Way.

Today was a team effort: Rose Williams of Transition Horncastle co-ordinated the event and shared with me her home, her courgette fritters and beautiful views of free range hens and sheep, and big Lincolnshire skies. Ali and Kennie provided their yoga studio for the workshop, and Ali’s sister Pauline invited us to her yurt for a delicious shared lunch.

Bethany, recently returned from working on a permaculture project in France, was probably the youngest workshop participant yet, and prompted a discussion about the involvement of young people in learning to care for life on earth.   Gill Coombs, 05 Aug 2010

Gill Coombs is a coach, facilitator and mediator with a love of the natural world who is travelling around the UK this summer running free workshops to explore the following themes:

  • Living in harmony with the environment
  • Living in harmony with other species
  • Living in harmony with each other
  • Living in harmony with ourselves

The workshops will include working in pairs and small group discussions, time for individual reflection, some outdoor activities and a little theoretical input. The aim is to provide a space for people to explore the four themes as individuals and as a group. There’ll also be some time dedicated to how people can carry forward their inspirations and insights from the day – the aim is to help people make a difference!

Reasons for embarking on this project by Gill Coombs

I believe that all life on earth is interconnected – earth is life. I believe that when we hurt something else or someone else, we hurt ourselves. I believe that we have become disconnected from our past as a species – we have lost touch with our natural selves and many of us live at deep division from the rest of the world and often at deep division with others and ourselves.

There has always been conflict, and nothing has ever been perfect, but there is a lot of evidence to show that some of the world’s ‘poorest’ people are the happiest and healthiest on earth. These are not people who live in modern poverty, but those indigenous peoples who are still connected to the world, each other and themselves.

I believe that many of us are unhappy, or disconnected, because we cannot live our vocation. Some of us may have lost touch with our own vocation, and others may know it perfectly well, but today’s society doesn’t enable us to fulfil it.

My own vocation is increasingly emerging as one of enabling others to live more natural lives – in whatever way that means for them: whether it’s reconnecting with nature, living more in accordance with their own values, discovering their own innate potential or relating more consciously with others.

I believe that we can come more fully to our natural lives through qualities such as awareness, compassion, respect and authenticity. And I believe that somewhere we each hold our own answers – and that sometimes we need a little help, or the right space and company, to help us discover them. Whilst nothing has ever been perfect, I believe that through becoming more fully our natural selves there is abundant potential for joy, creativity and wellbeing. I also believe that through helping ourselves, we help someone else or something else.