Celebrating a very successful Green Babies & Toddlers project

Celebrating a very successful Green Babies & Toddlers project

Come and join us in our celebration of the end of The Green Babies and Toddlers project on Saturday 15 January at The Community Centre in Manor House Street, 9.30 am start (see the calendar entry – on the right of the home page -  for more details).

We can’t thank Jenny Davey enough for all the hard work and enthusiasm she has put into this project, there have been so many families that have benefited all that has been done.  This is her report on the year:

“The last year of the Green Babies project has been challenging but enormously rewarding at the same time.  We’re very proud that our 25 families directly involved cut their energy use so dramatically over the first half of the project, achieving more energy savings than all but one of the other 14 projects nationally.

It’s been wonderful to make such a huge difference to both families and the community buildings taking part, with all the measures which have been implemented with the £140,000 British Gas funding, and we can’t wait to see last of the solar PV panels going up in the new year.

Of course, the energy savings achieved also help reduce our community’s carbon footprint, and in the coming year, we’d be delighted to be able to do more still if we could win the further £100,000 prize for best project nationally, but even without that, we’ll be continuing our efforts through Transition Town Horncastle to make Horncastle closer to being Carbon Neutral in 2011. ”

Thank you Jenny, you have done so much to help us all in Horncastle this year.