Green Streets Mini Meetings Update

Green Streets Mini Meetings Update


The Green Streets families have been gathering over the last few weeks locally in their small groups to share more energy saving tips, and to compare how they have fared with the energy monitors they have been using since January.

Meetings were very exciting, as families have found the monitors extremely useful and have made big reductions in their energy use.   More than one family talked about how the energy monitors, supplied by British Gas and The Energy Saving Trust, had ‘revoluntionised our lives’.

People said that, by showing them how much everything was costing to use, it had made them systematically switch off lights, only fill the kettle to the amount required, think twice about switching the oven on just for a bit of garlic bread, turn down the temperature of the washing machines to 30 degrees, and much more.  Some families had gone even further, investing in a push-along mower and crumb sweeper, having realised how much a normal vacuum cleaner costs to use.

Many families were recording their daily and weekly usage, trying to drive the figures down all the time, and to give a few examples of the kind of savings made, in the Wesley Way estate mini group, 4 out of 5 of the families had reduced their electric use by around 30% since the beginning of the project.  One family, who have a Smart meter already to measure gas consumption as well as electric, had cut their electric usage by 40% and gas by 33%, even though it’s been the coldest winter for 30 years (achieved by turning down the thermostat for the central heating by a couple of degrees only).  Soon, most Green Streets families will be having Smart meters fitted in their homes too.

Meanwhile, the loan of the energy monitors has now been extended to other families who use the nurseries, playgroups and parent and child groups, as well as Transition Town Horncastle members.  Please contact Jenny Davey on 01507 524088, if you’re interested in borrowing one.  After that, it is hoped that the loan scheme will be extended to all Horncastle residents through the East Lindsey access point at the library.