‘Nappucino’ Real Nappy Event

‘Nappucino’ Real Nappy Event

Families relax and ‘Get Real’ at the Horncastle ‘Nappucino’, real Nappy event!

Horncastle Transition Town Green Babies and Toddlers have brought the concept of ‘Nappucinos’ to Horncastle, in a bid to make parenting a little bit greener.  The idea, taken from the Lincoln-based real nappy company, Screaming Green, is that families get together over coffee and cake to look at the amazing range of products now available, chat to people already successfully using real nappies, and get lots of advice and tips on how to use them.

Families attending the relaxed and enjoyable event on Tuesday 18th May, kindly hosted by Wellies Nursery, were also able to find out about the voucher scheme, giving you money back towards the cost of investing in real nappies, and to ‘troubleshoot’, if they were already using real nappies but were encountering some problems.

Real nappies got a huge plug from the event, as Radio Lincolnshire did interviews with Screaming Green’s Heather, East Lindsey District Council’s Terri and families who attended, which was featured on the Morning Show the week of the event, and local paper, the Target, put it as their front page spread!  This can only be a good thing, as millions of disposable nappies go to shrinking landfill space every day, where they will remain for at least the next 500 years.  From the event, we learned that the myth that the environmental impact of the extra washing required for real nappies outweighs the advantages was in fact based on all sorts of erroneous ideas, such as that people would be ironing their nappies!!  How many parents of young babies would have the time to do that?!

It was very refreshing, though, that even Screaming Green’s Heather, obviously an advocate of real nappies, says there’s definitely a place for the disposable, as the realities of parenting mean that sometimes it really is the easiest thing to do.  However, every real nappy used is one fewer disposable for landfill…  She also pointed out the worrying number of chemicals which go into disposables, permanently next to the extremely sensitive skin of our babies.

For people not feeling up to the extra washing and drying needed with real nappies, Heather has extended her laundry service to Horncastle, where she’ll deliver clean, freshly laundered nappies to your home, and take away the dirty ones to wash for you, all for only around the same price as disposables.  It gets better and better!

Anyone wanting to find out more about re-usable nappies can contact Heather at Screaming Green on 01522 567203, 07833 933561 or by logging on to screaminggreen.co.uk, or Terri Gibson at East Lindsey District Council on 01507 601111.