Permaculture Group – First Meeting

Permaculture Group – First Meeting

On Saturday 3 April Transition Horncastle Permaculture Group held their first meeting at Deano’s in Hagworthingham.  Eleven people met to talk and learn from each other about permaculture, they were then shown around Deano’s plot which is around 3 acres.  Vegetables, fruit, chickens, ducks are all organised using permaculture principles.

The group is going to meet monthly, on the morning of the first Saturday of each month.  If you would like to join please email Deano on

We are going to combine Permaculture Design theory, with practical gardening advice, and possibly some shared work.

We are going to join the Permaculture Association, as a group. This will cost £40, as opposed to individual membership, which costs £24 each. The cost to be split equally, which will work out at about £3 per person, if everybody who is interested pays up. Their website can be found by using the address below.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday 8 May, and will be at Deano’s again, by popular request.

People present were asked to do the following by the next meeting:

1.   Draw a base map of their property, to scale, with North indicated. I didn’t specify what other information to include, just think about it, and do what you feel you need to.

2.   Do a site Survey. Look at soil type, what is already there. We haven’t covered this at all, but once again, think about what might be useful. This information could be included on the base map, or prepared as an overlay, using tracing paper, or a completely new diagram.

3.   Produce a list of outputs and Inputs. In other words, what you want from the property, and what you can put in. Start from the general, and work down to specifics. I.e “Output. Produce food. All my needs. vegetarian. not artichokes.   Input. Time. 2 hours a day. Middle of the day only. March to October Only, not school holidays. Money. £20 per month, no lump sum available to start off with, every month.” Other Inputs would include expertise, additional labour, and when available, other outputs will depend on you, your hobbies/interests etc.  Don’t Panic, especially those who were not here to get a slightly more full explanation. We will cover anything that isn’t clear, the aim of this is to get you started with the thought process that you will have to go to produce your own design, for your own patch. Whatever you produce will be OK. If you’re really lost, give me a call on 01507 588543, after dark, and we’ll talk through it. If I get the same questions more than once, we’ll save the explanation until the next meeting.