Permaculture Meeting on 6 November

Permaculture Meeting on 6 November

On Saturday 6 November the permaculture group met at Nick and Sarah Vowles house at Theddlethorpe St Helen.  We were joined by a small group from Stamford Transtion Town who have been given an allotment and want to develop it using permaculture, and Steve Reilly, assistant head at Spendluffe Technology College Alford who is interested in integrating permaculture into the year 7 and 8 curriculum.

We were split into two groups, one group was taken to the garden with Nick and the other group was shown how the produce was preserved by Sarah.  The groups then swopped hosts.  The garden, consists of a large orchard with fruit trees that produce fruit in succession in the rows which makes picking easier, geese live in the orchard to keep the grass down and manure the ground.  There is a large plot with raised beds, an impressive range of vegetables and fruit are grown very successfully and Nick explained his permaculture methods. We were then shown the large poly tunnel where strawberries and tomatoes were covered in fruit as well as other produce.  Nick then showed us his methods for collecting and watering and how he recycles and uses everything he possibly can.

Sarah showed us her new dairy where she makes cheese from their goats and presses apples to make juice which is pasturised and will last for about a year.  She took us to her large larder where there is an impressive quantity of preserves including, jam, chutney, salting, pasturising and drying.

It was also a great opportunity to talk to other like minded people and share knowledge and experience. We enjoyed  Sarah’s delicious garden vegetable soup and home-made bread and cheeses, followed by a great selection of cakes, biscuits and sweets which the participants had made.

Thank you Nick and Sarah for a fantastic day.